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ISSN  1684-792X

Issue 46


UDK: 539.196


GAFUROV Malik Magomedovich,
RABADANOV Kamil Shakhrievich,
ATAEV Mansur Badavievich,
KIRILLOV Svyatoslav Aleksandrovich

The processes of solvation of cations in the lithium perchlorate–dimethyl sulfoxide system have been studied on the basis of the Raman spectrum data. To make a conclusion about solvation process, time correlation functions of the solvent molecule vibrational relaxation were calculated and consequently oscillation modulation times τω were found. The latter helped determine the times of molecule interaction with cations. Changes in dephasing parameters and oscillation modulation of dimethyl sulfoxide show that solvate complexes in ionic solutions are less stable than the H-bonded (CH3)2SO molecule associates.

Keywords: спектры комбинационного рассеяния; колебательная дефазировка; временная корреляционная функция; диметилсульфоксид; Raman spectra; vibrational dephasing; time correlation function; dimethyl sulfoxide.

Pages: 35 - 39

Date: 10.03.2012


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