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The ethical principles of the journal are presented in the section Publication Ethics.

The journal "Herald of the Daghestan Scientific Center" publishes articles on the following scientific specialties:

  • Biological sciences: 1.5.12. Zoology; 1.5.13. Ichthyology; 1.5.15. Ecology; 1.5.16. Hydrobiology; 1.5.19. Soil science; 1.5.20. Biological resources;
  • Historical sciences: 5.6.1. National history; 5.6.3. Archeology; 5.6.4. Ethnology, anthropology and ethnography;
  • Philology: 5.9.5. Russian language. Languages of the peoples of Russia; 5.9.8. Theoretical, applied and comparative linguistics.

The articles sent to "Herald of the Daghestan Scientific Center" must meet the following requirements:
The article must be original, should contain a concise and clear summary of the current state of the question, the description of the research methodology, presentation and discussion of the data obtained by the author. The title of the article should correspond to its content.
The paper should not exceed 15 typewritten pages, including references, tables, and no more than four figures (each figure is due to a single page of text). The volume of the brief should not exceed 5 typewritten pages, including references, tables, and no more than two figures (each figure equals one page of text).
The manuscript set (an article or a brief report) should include: the main text; an abstract of at least 150 words, which gives a clear idea about the content of the article (in Russian and English); keywords (in Russian and English), references in the original language in the order of appearing in the text; tables printed on separate sheets; Illustrations (drawings, photographs, charts, maps) as clear photographic reproductions on white glossy paper; captions printed on a separate sheet; translation of the article’s title in English.
It is also necessary to submit materials in electronic format.
The manuscript is to be accompanied by: 1) recommendation of the institution where the work was done; 2) expertise certificate; 3) information about authors (in Russian and English) with the surname, first name, patronymic, position, scientific degree, academic title, postal address, e-mail, office and (or) home phone numbers, ORCID for each author.
The articles made by graduate students and applicants must be followed by a review of the supervisor.
References are made in accordance with the GOST Р 7.0.5-2008, “Bibliographic references. General requirements and rules”.
Links in the text are indicated by numbers in square brackets in order of appearance: [1], [2], [3], etc.
The manuscript set is submitted in two copies. The second copy is to be signed by all the authors.
The manuscript should be typed on a computer, Windows, Microsoft Word 97, Times New Roman, type 14, and half spacing, on one side of A4 sheet of thick white paper with margins: bottom and left - 25 mm, right - 10 mm, top - 20 mm. In the upper left corner of the first page of the manuscript there is the index of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), it is followed by the title of the article, below - the authors' initials and surnames, on the next line in the nominative case - the name of the institution, where the work was done, further on – the main text.
Units of physical quantities, decimal prefixes and their abbreviations are to be in accordance with the GOST 8.417-2002 “Units of quantities”. Latin alphabet letters are typed in italics, Greek – regular.
The Editorial board reserves the right to make necessary editorial corrections. Manuscripts not complied with these rules, and not of scientific interest, are not accepted for publication.
The manuscripts of the articles are checked for the presence of illegal borrowings using the "Anti-Plagiarism" system.
All manuscripts are reviewed.
The decision on publication of articles in the journal is made by the Editorial Board.
Publication is free of charge.