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Issue 44


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CHERNYSHOV Alexand Valeryevich

The paper is devoted to musical design of serialized TV-dramas. The traditional leitmotif-technique and its dramaturgic principles are being considered on the example of movie, radio and TV series. These principles are connected with exposition and elaboration of musical-leitmotif material. Moreover, modern series, their so-called clip-leitmotif technique and contrast multipart musical form which are, first of all, based on art-syntax units of the complete structure of episode have been also analyzed. The synthetic kinds of the named technologies of TV series musical design have been also considered.

Keywords: лейтмотив; музыка; music; увертюра; телесериал; медиа; leitmotif; overture; TV-series; media.

Pages: 108 - 114

Date: 02.06.2011


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