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ISSN  1684-792X

Issue 52


UDK: 577.355.4: 581.132

STUDY OF fluorescence characteristics and pigment composition of plants depending on the altitudinal gradient

PINYASKINA Elena Vladimirovna,
MAMMAEV Abdurakhman Tataevich

Fluorescent values and quantitative characteristics of the photosynthetic pigment complex of the Betula pendula Roth and Betula litwinowii Doluch leaves, growing at altitudes of 28 and 1800 m above sea level are investigated. With increasing altitudinal gradient the quantum yield of fluorescence (F and Fm' ) decreases in "urban" B. Litvinov birch , while there is an inverse correlation in pendula . Decrease in chlorophyll content at altitude profiles has been recorded. It is related to the processes of photo-bleaching of pigments and their possible destruction in extreme weather conditions - intense insolation in the mountains, high level of UV radiation and wide variation in day and night temperatures.

Keywords: фотосинтез; флуоресценция; фотосинтетические пигменты; высотный градиент; photosynthesis; fluorescence; photosynthetic pigments; altitudinal.

Pages: 23 - 26

Date: 14.01.2014


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