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ISSN  1684-792X

Issue 55


UDK: 82.091


GUSEYNOV Malik Alievich

The article covers the A. Bashirov’s most considerable works and his contribution to the development of Daghestan poetry of the 1920s-1930s. Characterizing the author’s heroic-epic poems it is noted that the ethnomental specificity of the artistic images is visually expressed and shown is the national authenticity of the Soviet power first decades’ literature. The Bashirov's considerable contribution to formation of the children's literature is also underlined.

Keywords: ранняя советская литература; национальная специфика; детская литература; литературное наследие и современность; early Soviet literature; national specificity; children’s literature; literary heritage and present times.

Pages: 128 - 132

Date: 23.01.2014


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