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ISSN  1684-792X

Issue 48


UDK: 82.091


GUSEYNOV Malik Alievich

The literary-critical heritage of K.D. Sultanov, who for more than half the century - from 1930 to 1980 – had taken part in the artistic process and contributed a lot to the formation of critical thought of Daghestan, is studied in the article. The most important works of K. Sultanov are defined, landmarks of his creativity development are pointed out, poetics is analyzed.

Keywords: литературная критика; поэтика; критическая мысль Дагестана; зарождение и развитие; literary criticism; poetics; critical thought of Daghestan; conceiving and development.

Pages: 102 - 105

Date: 30.05.2012


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